Herpes infections

Teresa Binstock binstoct at essex.UCHSC.edu
Thu Mar 7 11:24:21 EST 1996

Here are several references linking a gene related to herpes simplex virus, 
human Xq28, and the Oct-1/zeta-chain locus on human 1q.

AU  - Wilson AC et al
TI  - The gene encoding the VP16-accessory protein HCF (HCFC1) resides in
      human Xq28 and is highly expressed in fetal tissues and the adult
SO  - Genomics 1995 Jan 20;25(2):462-8

AU  - Coenjaerts FE et al
TI  - The Oct-1 POU domain stimulates adenovirus DNA replication by a
      direct interaction between the viral precursor terminal protein-DNA
      polymerase complex and the POU homeodomain.
SO  - EMBO Journal 1994 Nov 15;13(22):5401-9

AU  - Wu TJ et al
TI  - Transcriptional activation by herpes simplex virus type 1 VP16 in
      vitro and its inhibition by oligopeptides.
SO  - Molecular & Cellular Biology 1994 May;14(5):3484-93

AU  - Wilson AC et al
TI  - The VP16 accessory protein HCF is a family of polypeptides processed
      from a large precursor protein.
SO  - Cell 1993 Jul 16;74(1):115-25

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