Teresa's S/O and G/O hypothesis: Kyba's Hell

Teresa Binstock binstoct at essex.UCHSC.edu
Thu Mar 7 11:05:18 EST 1996

Teresa responds:

On Wed, 6 Mar 1996, Michael Kyba or Ernest Buckwell wrote:
> Theresa, what exactly is your point?
> Can you make it in a single paragraph?  

Ought we presume that sound-bite political debate breeds similarly 
simple-minded mentations in science?

The primary points are simple: 1. S. cerevisiae mating phermones and 
their processing are sexually dimorphic and have components remarkably 
similar to certain endogenous molecules in human T-cells.2. Research 
into sexually significant human chemo-signalling has focused upon 
olfactory and vomeronasal processes and appears to have overlooked 
the possibility that immunological tissues in the nasal mucosa, via the 
trigeminal nerve, (i) might be a component of mating-type determinations 
in humans, and (ii) might be the substrate wherein sexual- and 
gender-orientations and variations thereof are encoded. 

> Verbosity is usually a sign of ignorance in my experience. 

As is mispelling a person's name, but intellectual precision is only 
statistically associated with graders of papers; and clear exceptions do 
arise from time to time.

> Also, have you actually done any experiments or are you just talking
> out of your butt?  

I'm amazed at your hostility, as indicated in the sophomoric 
vulgarity -- as well as your misunderstanding of how science often 
proceeds from hypothesis to specific research projects. 

> Maybe you could propose some experiments to
> confirm or disprove your theory, whatever it is.

At least your thinking has progressed to the grasping of a next logical 


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