What's happening to my body?

Jan Wagner Janwag at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Mar 8 10:01:15 EST 1996

luca.orlandi at inferentia.it (Luca Orlandi) wrote:

>Please help me.
>I'm trying to understand what's happening to my body:
>I've started having a quite strong fever (37.5-38.9 C. ) about 5 weeks
>ago. Apparently there are only few other symptoms: swollen lymphatic
>glands, sore throat, cough.

>I would like to know which kind of virus I’ve got mainly to understand
>how long it will take to my antibodies to get rid of it, how long I’m
>infective to others, how does the infection occurs, …
>Here are the results of the exams I’ve done (I haven’t translated them
>into English because I imagine you can better guess the meaning than
>me  ):

>*S-Ferro	12 mcg/dl
>*S-proteina C reattiva	6.90 mg/dl
>*S-alfa 1 glicoproteina acida	274 mg/dl
>*Sg-VES	76

>S-proteine totali	8.0 g/dl
>S-Albumina	4.4 g/dl
>S-Elettroforesi proteica	proteins increment in acute fase
>S-immunoglobuline A	392 mg/dl
>S-immunoglobuline G	1680 mg/dl
>S-immunoglobuline M	210 mg/dl

>Ac.antilegionella	negativo (method immunofluorescenza indiretta)
>Ac.anti-Mycoplasma pneumoniae (metohd Elisa) IgM	negativo
>Ac.anti-Mycoplasma pneumoniae (metohd Elisa) IgG	negativo

>Anticorpi anti EBV EA IgM	<0.1 Negativo D.O
>Anticorpi anti EBV EA IgG	<0.1 Negativo D.O
>*EBNA	2.70 positivo D.O.
>Anticorpi anti HIV1/HIV2	negativo
>Test TINE (after 72 hours)	1+

>P-Sodio	143 mmol/L
>P-potassio	3.9 mmol/L
>P-cloruri	98 mmol/L
>P-bicarbonati	32 mEq/L
>P-glucosio	100 mg/dl
>P-urea	40 mg/dl
>P-creatina	0.77 mg/dl
>P-calcio Tot.	9.5 mg/dl
>P-bilirubina tot.	0.57 mg/dl
>P-bilirubina dir.	0.30 mg/dl
>P-AST	30 V/L
>P-ALT	25 V/L
>*P-CK	20 V/L
>P-CK fraz. MB	3 V/L
>P-amilasi	80 V/L
>*P-proteine tot.	8.4 g/dl
>Sg-Leucociti	7.9 10E9/L
>*Sg-Eritrociti	4.51 10E12/L
>*Sg-Emoglobulina	13.7 g/dl
>*Sg-Ematocrito 40%
>Sg-Volume globulare	89.0 fl
>Sg-MCH	30.3 pg
>Sg-piastrine	381 10E9/L

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>Version: 2.6.i


do you want the doctors councelling for free? Or why don't you go to
your doc and ask him?

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