Antigen Processing and Presentation

Chance John Luckey cjl4y at Virginia.EDU
Sat Mar 9 00:26:04 EST 1996

John B. wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a second year physiology student and am seeking information on the presentation of antigenic peptides by MHC class I and class II
> molecules. I'd appreciate if anyone can suggest any review articles that covers this material.
> Thank you very much.
> John B.

I'm not sure how specific you want to get, but the Heemels and Ploegh 
article in Annual Reveiews of Biochemistry 1995 64:463-91 "Generation, 
Translation, and Presentation of MHC Class-I Restricted Peptides" is 
tough to beat as an up to date critical review.  IMHO. It does leave 
out some detail on membrane proteins.  It also buys too much the 
prevailing dogma on IFNgamma/LMP2/LMP7 and proteasome changes which is 
all based on non-physiologic fluoropeptide substrates.  But hey, thats 
the mantra thats been published in science and nature and immunity, etc 
and its such a nice story everybody else repeats it too.  But I digress. 
 (I'm writing my thesis proposal on peptide generation for Class I in 
Vic Engelhard's lab and am up to my eyeballs in papers and opinions on 
the subject.)  Good luck.

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