Immunology as a tool for ecotoxicology

Michelle.Gleeson at SMTPGWY.AGRIC.NSW.GOV.AU Michelle.Gleeson at SMTPGWY.AGRIC.NSW.GOV.AU
Sun Mar 10 17:03:56 EST 1996

     Dear netters,
     I am looking for information on immunology as a tool in 
     ecotoxicology, as I have been assigned an essay on the topic for a 
     Masters course.  I have had very limited success searching the CDROM 
     databases available to me, and what I have found in books is likely to 
     be out of date, although the background is useful.  Can anyone out 
     there define this topic further, or point me in the direction of good 
     references or review articles?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  
     Please e-mail responses to me directly, thanks in advance,
     Michelle Gleeson
     gleesom at agric.nsw.gov.au

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