Response to Ian York

Teresa Binstock binstoct at essex.UCHSC.edu
Thu Mar 14 21:29:49 EST 1996

On 14 Mar 1996, Ian A. York wrote:
> >totally different from yeast ste2 and ste3, then that is an important 
> >finding. Until we know that to be the case, the fact remains that Patel 
> >et al report that ste2 and ste3 ARE expressed in humans. 
> Perhaps if you read the paper, rather than the abstract, then you would 
> have been able to discover that important finding.  

Ian, I have read the paper and have it in front of me as I write this. 

Your interpretation of Patel et al may be correct. But as I look at Table 
II on page 86 I find that "TE cells" is used twice, once for STE3 and 
once for a molecule they label as TE4. 

Therefore, the fact that TE cells and STE3 and linked tells me nothing 
very definite about STE3. 

Why would authors usurp a nomenclature so standard for yeast proteins?

Why would reviewers allow that to happen?


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