Was: Teresa's S/O and G/O hypothesis Now: PHEREMONES?

Chris "Big-Kahuna" Rampson crampson at ford.com
Fri Mar 15 07:57:38 EST 1996

Teresa Binstock wrote:
> addendum #5: experimental protocol:
>            EVALUATION OF OTHER CELLS re: ste2 & ste3
> Recently, I set forth an immunological hypothesis regarding sexual- and gender-
> orientations (S/O and G/O) and variations thereof (1). In response, several
> individuals inquired about ways to explore the possible role of nasal mucosal
> T-cells and related immunological processes in sexually significant chemical
> signaling between mammals including humans.

Well now, my degree is in Geology and not biology, but I have some
thoughts. If you are talking about a significant human response for
PHEREMONES - I say you are right on target. I believe that all
"feelings" that we get about others is governed LARGELY by how we smell
to each other. MUCH more emphasis on the smell than ANY other feature.
Hard to prove since we know so little about our sense of smell.

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