Immunity ebola to Hep-c

Amberose mharris at junction.net
Sat Mar 16 16:51:13 EST 1996

David Peritt wrote:
> Since this is a real basic question I will answer in very basic
> terms..... For more info you need an immunology text book...
> >What does it take to be immune to a virus?
> exposure to the virus or parts of the virus (Abs only)
> >How long does the immunity last?
> This varies tremendously but many immune responses if large enough or
> seen enough times can last for decades (please no flames about
> persistance of Ag here)
> Can you become immune to the Ebola virus?
> Yes, those who live to tell the tale had an effective immune response and
> are probably immune to rechallange.About rechallenging... why is it that when lab animals are rechallenged 
with Hep-C they become reinfected rather then demonstrating an immunity?
Ebola is a meany virus and so is Hep-C.

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