GnRH, more: Boyse and Basic Questions

Teresa Binstock binstoct at essex.UCHSC.edu
Sun Mar 17 13:30:32 EST 1996

The Boyse and colleagues studies are very important, and contribute to 
the findings of Claus Wedekind and colleagues and also to the marvelous 
article by Gilbert AN et al:
   so: J of Comp Psychol 100.3.262-5 1986.
   ti: Olfactory discrimination of mouse strains (Mus musculus) and
       major histocompatibility types by humans.

An important issue is, Where in the nasal cavity (if there at all) is 
MHC/HLA processing occurring in ways that modulate mate choice? 

By this I mean, what domains of the nasal mucosa actually possess Antigen 
Presenting Cells that would provide an MHC/HLA-based filtering. Three 
domains seem to be possible:

1. Olfactory regions (olf)
2. Vomeronasal regions (vno)
3. Nasal mucosal regions which are neither olf nor vno.

Each of these domains has its own primary efferent neural pathways, and 
each of these domains interconnects neurally with the other domains (in 
one site or another). 


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