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>MHC.  So differeing MHC may be revealed in mate selection I cannot see how
>it is causal.  If for no other reason then I cannot see how a potential mate's
>MHC is getting from her to my nose.  Pheromones..yes, perfume...yes, but a
>membrane bound MHC molecule??

indeed, mhc has long been implicated in sexual selection and mating
phenotypes-at least in rodents.  apparently it is a peptide related
phenomena, just as mhc is thought to normally function.  the membrane bound
mhc molecule "receives" the peptide and somehow transmits a signal. 
normally mhc works in context with tcr/peptide/mhc, with mhc presenting the
peptide, so i am not sure what the proposed mechanism for signaling is.  i
believe that if you research boyse, e., (odor/mhc research) you will find
references accordingly.  

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