problem expressing mouse lymphotoxin?

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Mon Mar 18 17:10:24 EST 1996

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>Hi -
>Does anyone know if there is some inherent problem expressing recombinant 
>mouse lymphotoxin alpha (TNF beta) in mammalian cells?  I've had lots of 
>success with TNF alpha from different species, but can't detect 
>expression of mouse LT.  Has it been done?    Thanks in advance.

There should be no problem, as several investigators have been able to
manipulate this gene (expresion-wise).

For example see:

Browning JL; Dougas I; Ngam-ek A; Bourdon PR; Ehrenfels BN; Miatkowski K;
       Zafari M; Yampaglia AM; Lawton P; Meier W; et al.
     Characterization of surface lymphotoxin forms. Use of specific monoclonal
     antibodies and soluble receptors.
   Journal of Immunology, 1995 Jan 1, 154(1):33-46.
       (UI:  95088382)

They expressed the gene(s) in CHO cells, and I know that he's done
others, as well. Also, he's a nice guy, and probably won't mind a

I assume (from your previous TNF work) you are aware that unless
you've the beta, the alpha is usually secreted as a trimer.

Also, check the cool article from Matsumoto et. al. from March 1 '96
Science on germinal center formation. You might give David Chaplin's
lab a call for more info:

	Center for Immunology, Washington University School of Medicine,
	St. Louis, MO 63110, USA.

             alias: DAVID-CHAPLIN
                          name: CHAPLIN, DAVID D
                         email: CHAPLIN_D at WUMS.WUSTL.EDU
                         phone: (314) 362-9047
                           fax: (314) 454-0486
                       address: Campus Box 8122
                    department: INTERNAL MEDICINE I & R
                         title: PROF OF MEDICINE

Good luck!

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