Teresa's S/O and G/O hypothesis: Warnock

Pietr Hitzig 0202319473539538 at 109KMS5JC0II
Mon Mar 18 23:47:38 EST 1996

Dear Dr. Warnock,

The discussions between you and Dr. Binstock has become so elevated that 
the rest of us cannot ascertain the correct position. a

However, Dr. Teresa Binstock, in Email, has been always a woman with good 
manners and has the ability to interest those who are not involved.

Whether you are correct or not, your albeit intellectual "flaming" should 
be tempered. Intellectual frays are fun to read but not when hunks of 
flesh are quivering on the floor.

Step back, Dr. Warnock, relax. I would recommend a serotonin agonist 
before you respond. Please note that I am only cross-referencing to the 
tree newsgroups most closely, in my opinion, related to this fray.

Best wishes, and not in rancor,

Pietr Hitzig, M.D.

If you wish to respond, use this address,

fen_phen at internetmci.com

Good evening, teresa!  Dear Dr. Warnock, if you want something totally 
heretical go review my web page. http://www.fenphen.com

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