Was: Teresa's S/O and G/O hypothesis Now: PHEREMONES?

Christian Holscher CHOLSCHR at TCD.IE
Wed Mar 20 12:37:32 EST 1996

In article <31496942.7F92 at ford.com>, "Chris \"Big-Kahuna\" Rampson"
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> Well now, my degree is in Geology and not biology, but I have some
> thoughts. If you are talking about a significant human response for
> PHEREMONES - I say you are right on target. I believe that all
> "feelings" that we get about others is governed LARGELY by how we smell
> to each other. MUCH more emphasis on the smell than ANY other feature.
> Hard to prove since we know so little about our sense of smell.

"governed LARGELY by how we smell to each other"? How is that? If you wear
a new perfuem people start changeing radically in their reactions towards
your behavior? What happens if you can't smell because you have a cold?
Does your love life collaps?

Christian Holscher, PhD
Trinity College Dublin
Dept. Pharmacol. & Therapeutics

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