Detection of lymphocytes B (BALB/c mouses)

Renata Kowalczyk rkk at zfjavx.fuw.edu.pl
Wed Mar 20 04:29:14 EST 1996


     I need to know is there such an izophorm of CD45 that express only
on the surface of lymphocytes B (and pre-B) of BALB/c mouse? If so, is this 
expression independent of the activation state of this cells?

     I would like to mark whole population of B lymphocytes in test probe 
from BALB/c mouse. As I know Fc(epsylon)RIIa is expressed only 
on the surface of B lymphocytes. For my test I need to know is this receptor 
present on each and every B cell? Where could I purchase appropriate mAb? 
In my cataloges I found anti-CD23 (anti-Fc(epsylon)RII) only, but without 
any information on a and b types. As I know b-type can be found 
on the surfaces of other leukocytes too.


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