Free Sulfhydryl detection

Thomas Chiles ChilesT at hermes.bc.edu
Wed Mar 20 17:15:10 EST 1996

Ellman's reagent will allow you to quantitate the number of free SH
groups; You should be able to find a method in Methods in Enzymology or
try the out of print book "Chemical Modification of Proteins" by Means and

In article <4ibu6n$doi at studium.student.umu.se>, Michael Daws
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> I have a 19-mer peptide (2200 MW) with a C-terminal cysteine which I 
> purchased and received as a lyophilised powder.  The company told me 
> that the peptide would be greater than 95% monomer, however the results 
> I have been getting would suggest that the majority of the peptide is 
> disulphide bonded.  Is there any nice easy colorimetric reagent I can 
> use to detect free sulphydryl groups so that I can determine just how 
> much of my peptide is disulphide bonded?  Alternatively does anybody 
> know a recipe for a gel that I could use to detect such a difference? 
> Thanks.
> Mike Daws

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