Monocytes & Macrophages

Jeffrey Smoot jsmoot at cas.org
Wed Mar 20 07:03:35 EST 1996

P.Longdon wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm looking for lots of information about the roles of monocytes and
> macrophages in immunity to infection.  Can anyone direct me to any relevant
> articles in journals or even a Web site, perhaps.  I've just spent ages
> trying to find stuff about this topic using the internet and, to be quite
> honest, it was like trying to get blood out of a stone.
> Thanks in advance,
> Pete

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   of a possible 2857 articles in the area:

   "Macrophages in bacterial infection"

   Speert, D. P.
   Dep. Pediatr., Univ. British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Can.
   Macrophage (1992), 215-63.  Editor(s): Lewis, Claire E.; McGee, James
     O'Donnell. Publisher: IRL, Oxford, UK.

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