brush with H2O2 and NaHCO3 dangerous ?

Larry Weiskirch lweiskir at mail.med.upenn.edu
Fri Mar 22 18:50:51 EST 1996

Eaue oxygenee has a nice sound to it. In English, it's hydrogen peroxide, 
a little harsher sounding. NaHCO3 is sodium bicarbonate, also known as 
baking soda. You really want to post this to a dentistry group, not an 
immunology group, because what you're probably most interested in is 
whether you'll be damaging your teeth with this stuff. People have 
brushed their teeth with baking soda for a long time, so I guess you're 
mostly concerned about the peroxide? In limited quantities, it should be 
fine; your body has an enzyme that detoxifies H2O2 to water and oxygen, 
which is why foam appears when you disinfect a cut with peroxide. 

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