T's SO_GO H: Layers of the evolutionary onion.

Teresa Binstock binstoct at essex.UCHSC.edu
Sat Mar 23 17:16:34 EST 1996

Someone evidently hiding behind an ever so strange e-mail address asked 
about my copyright notices.In answer to Mr/Ms anonymous, were I to write 
a book, a pamphlet, etc, to copyright one's own work -- even if it is 
theoretical, rooted in literature, and overall a Hypothesis -- is very 

On 22 Mar 1996 i at .MISSING-HOST-NAME. wrote:
> >                       Copyright 1996
> >          Collected writings of Teresa C. Binstock
> >
> >                  Permission hereby granted
> >        to distribute this document in its entirety.
> >                           3.21.96
> I find the last few lines very pretentious. What exactly is your game ?

I take my research seriously and invest heavily of my own funds in 
pursuit of my research. I do not wish to quibble with meanings of the 
word "game".


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