brush with H2O2 and NaHCO3 dangerous ?

Lyle Tuttle tuttlel at pionet.net
Sat Mar 23 12:38:55 EST 1996

lweiskir at mail.med.upenn.edu (Larry Weiskirch) wrote:

>Eaue oxygenee has a nice sound to it. In English, it's hydrogen peroxide, 
>a little harsher sounding. NaHCO3 is sodium bicarbonate, also known as 
>baking soda. You really want to post this to a dentistry group, not an 
>immunology group, because what you're probably most interested in is 
>whether you'll be damaging your teeth with this stuff. People have 
>brushed their teeth with baking soda for a long time, so I guess you're 
>mostly concerned about the peroxide? In limited quantities, it should be 
>fine; your body has an enzyme that detoxifies H2O2 to water and oxygen, 
>which is why foam appears when you disinfect a cut with peroxide. 

I gargle with the regular 3% (I think) solution available at drug
stores.  I don't do this on a regular basis, just once every 2-3 weeks
or so.  Other than looking like a mad dog <g>, I find it to be very
helpful in keeping gums in good shape.

ltuttle at primenet.com  (Lyle Tuttle)

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