A new Poduct The Glove Canister

The Sleepy Giant djzdep at freenet.calgary.ab.ca
Sun Mar 24 05:43:53 EST 1996

   You should know there are already products on the market that do this 
function. I have one attached to my First Aid pack so the gloves are 
readily available. However, I would be interested in YOUR product if it 
held 1 or 2 gloves in a very small unobtrusive package that I could wear 
with casual clothes. Often First Aid situations come up when I do not 
have my full pack with me and I would feel better having gloves to use.
   I carry some in my briefcase but even that is not always with me but I 
do wear my pants and belt just about always :-). (For all those sensitive 
surgeons out there - THIS was a joke only a joke!!)
   Good luck! If you would like a First Aid person to beta test your 
product... :-)

                          David J. Zdep
                          Canadian Ski Patrol System

On Sat, 23 Mar 1996, Norm Ritland wrote:

> Hi,
> A friend and I recently came up with a new product idea. (Actually much more 
> his idea than mine **) It's called the glove canister. It's a handy belt clip 
> container for easy storage access for latex or vinyl gloves and it's easily 
> reloaded. 
> http://www.execpc.com/~nritland/

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