a new technique of testing HBV DNA

Liu Ying liuy at LINUX.NANKAI.EDU.CN
Mon Mar 25 10:18:41 EST 1996

    It is reported that a new enzyme immunoassay technology has
been used to detect the products of PCR-based amplification that
may be applicable to routine testing of hepatitis B virus(HBV)DNA.
The new method, which is called PCR-DNA enzyme immunoassaty[DEIA],
is based on DNA-DNA hybrid detection using anti-double-stranded 
DNA monoclonal antibodies. The advantage of the new technique is 
it's high sensitivity and specificity compared with PCR-EB AND 
dot blot.It makes a great progress in testing for HBV DNA in 
clinial microbiology labs.
    But there is a question: since DNA or RNA has less antigenity
than peptide,protein and many other macromolecules, how can we get
the purified anti-double-stranded monoclonal antibodies?
    If you have any further suggestions or different opinions on
the technique, please send email to liuy at linux.nankai.edu.cn
or just leave your information here.
    Thanks a lot.
                                 Ying Liu
                             a student of medical school
                                NanKai university

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