p53's apoptotic function

Jean-Philip Truman truman at citi2.fr
Wed Mar 27 12:41:28 EST 1996

In article <mrtour-2603961048250001 at ski-h-99-091.ski.mskcc.org>, 
mrtour at stud.med.cornell.edu,dburtrum at ski.mskcc.org says...
>I'm am interested in distinguishing between p53's ability to induce
>apoptosis and its other functions.....does anyone know perhaps what 
>it can turn on that would definitely mean death...besides looking at
>endpoints such as DNA ladders and blebbing....
>please post here or to mrtour at stud.med.cornell.edu
>thank you for your time.
>or Michelle

The question you ask is a difficult one, as nothing is known for sure. 
However, unless you are looking at a developmental system, don't waste 
your time looking for genes that may be transcribed during the death 
process, as apoptosis can occur without any nucleus, and in the 
presence of inhibitors to transcription and translation. 

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