Mouse Immunoglobulins (classes and subclasses)

Renata Kowalczyk rkk at zfjavs.fuw.edu.pl
Wed Mar 27 04:42:10 EST 1996

    I would like to use Mouse Isotyping KIT for detection of different
classes and subclasses of murine immunoglobulins. This KIT can detect:
IgG1 kappa, IgG1 lamda, IgG2a kappa, IgG2b kappa, IgG3 kappa, IgM kappa,
IgM lambda and IgA kappa.
        I don't know:
- Is there a functonal differece between IgG1 kappa and lambda (IgM kappa
and lambda)? What is the reason of separate detection of this LC in this Igs?
- Doesn't LC lamda exist in mouse IgG2a, IgG2b, IgG3 and IgA?
- I've found nothing in literature about mouse IgG4. Does that mean this 
subclass is not existing in mouse at all?
- There are two subclasses of IgA in human body. Is there only one subclass
in mice?



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