GnRH in non-neuronal mast cells: habenula & behavior

GS Fraley 60057923 at wsuvm1.csc.wsu.edu
Wed Mar 27 19:59:29 EST 1996

>In their discussion the authors present that CNS mast cell levels
>and migrations occur in response to various behaviors and also in
>response to changes in gonadal and adrenal steroids.
Yes, however be careful.  If you read the several  articles which led to the
review in TINS, you will see they they have not shown the mast cells are
producing the GnRH (LHRH).  It is Ray Silver's hypothesis (from discussions
with her at various meetings) that the mast cells are acting as a kind of
resevoir for GnRH.  Also, the function of the habenula (the only site of the
mast cell migration) is quite unclear, especially in birds.  And except for
some possible maybe type evidence in hamsters, no mammalian species have been
shown to have this mast cell migration.
--GS Fraley
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