intracytoplasmic flowcytometric analysis of cytokines

alena at scientia.up.ac.za alena at scientia.up.ac.za
Thu Mar 28 17:04:35 EST 1996


I want to investigate the cytokine profiles of several organs (spleen, 
liver, lungs) in mice by FACS analysis. Has somebody experience with this kind 
of measurements ? 

Are other controls than idiotype antibodies necessary, like:
(1) preblocking the antibodies with recombinant cytokines to see if the signal 
is specific, or
(2)preblocking of the cytokines with non fluorescent antibodies

Is it possible to see a signal of cytokine producing cells in the complete 
mixture of cells in a complete spleen (or worse) in lungs and liver ?

People who have done this kind of experiments could be of great help to me, so 
please respond, thanks,


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