AIDS: A Holistic Diseas

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>AIDS:  A Holistic Approach to a Holistic Disease
>By:  William Martinez, Dartmouth College, 2913 Hinman, Hanover NH 03755
>E-mail: William.Martinez at Dartmouth.edu
>Presented on to:  Professor DeMaggio, Biology 7 Class (Holistic 
>Medicine), 3/8/96

Hey there Willy T!

First off let me say that I'm SO VERY TEMPTED to flame your butt off
for such a narrow and incomplete reading/citation of the literature,
and of course, the blatent homophobic nature of your paper...

But let's limit ourselves to the very simple.

> These two risk groups, homosexual men and IVDUs, account for about
> 90% of all AIDS cases in the United States (CDC, 1995). 

In forming your (or more accurately just restating others') hypothesis
of AIDS causality and HIV pathogenesis, did you ever stop to consider
AIDS/HIV in other parts of the world? Like Africa and Asia, for
example? And also, do you know what the epidemiologic trends are in
the USA?

Just wondering.

Looking forward to your posting of your prof.s comments and grade on
your paper...

"Nothing more is needed to destroy a man, than the conviction that his
life's work is useless."  -Antonin Artaud

erawtech at leland.stanford.edu (R. Aaron Warnock)

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