AIDS: A Holistic Diseas

Richard Aaron Warnock erawtech at leland.Stanford.EDU
Fri Mar 29 19:47:30 EST 1996

text from Mr. Martinez preceded by "}"

}Dear Mr. Warnock,
}You critize my paper for being homophobic in nature.  I am not 
}homophobic.  My paper simply states the immunosuppressive effects of 
}certain sexual behavior.  I make a clear distinction between 
}promiscuous, drug-abusing homosexuals and monogamous, drug-free 
}homosexuals.  I am not condemning or judging anyone.

Your paper spends about half of it's length making tenuous claims
about homosexuals, their lifestyles, and the immune suppressive
outcomes there of, without addressing any other group! Nor are you
able to link any of this as a/the prime cause(s) of AIDS. You never
correlate any numbers of any "risk-factor" with acquisition of
AIDS. Now if that's not bias (and negative in nature), then you've got
me fooled!

In addition, is it your contention that homosexuality and
"opportunistic" factors have only been with us since the early 80's?
In other words, how do you account for it appearing now?

}In answer to you inquiry about AIDS on other continents, African AIDS
}is quite different from AIDS in the US.  The epidemiology is
}different (50% male/50%female) and the opportunistic infections
}experianced by AIDS patients is different.  The reason for this is
}that the cause of the African AIDS centers more around malnutrition
}and poor sanitation than AIDS in the US.  I could go in to more
}detail but I do not have the time at this moment.  

You could go into more detail, but the facts simply don't support your

And what's the deal with Asia?

}The issue is very
}complex.  And the statistics on Africa AIDS have also been called
}into question. 

Oh yeah? By whom and why?

}I assure you that when I wrote my paper AIDS: A
}Holistic Approach to A Holistic Disease.  I was well aware of this.

I don't doubt you were aware. In fact, it's my contention that you've
*ignored* the bulk of AIDS/HIV data out there!

}In answer to your inquiry about the recent epidemiological trends
}of AIDS in the US.  I am also aware that AIDS is becoming more
}prevalent in women and in heterosexuals.  The propaganda associated
}with AIDS has altered the behavior of permiscous homosexuals and

What propaganda and how?

}Promiscouity is a much larger risk factor for
}homosexual men than for heterosexuals.  

Why, and what is the significance? 

}Thus, we are seeing a small
}decline in homosexual men getting AIDS.  Women and heterosexuals are
}increasing because their major risk factors continue to increase.  

What are the factors and how are they linked to AIDS?

}I wish I could go into further detail, but I am limited on time.  I
}suggest that anyone who reads this message also read my previous
}posting and Mr. Warnock's posting.   
}Thank you 
}William Martinez 
That's a complete cop-out. *YOU* are the one posting unsupported
propaganda, suggesting that people may copy and disseminate it. While
advocating a healthy lifestyle is not destructive (indeed this is most
likely a good thing for *ANY* ill person), your incomplete and biased
analysis of the data is misleading and ill-advised, and suggesting
people not follow the advice of their physicians (with respect to HIV
medications) is just plain dumb (disclaimer or no).

You're welcome,

"Nothing more is needed to destroy a man, than the conviction that his
life's work is useless."  -Antonin Artaud

erawtech at leland.stanford.edu (R. Aaron Warnock)

"Nothing more is needed to destroy a man, than the conviction that his
life's work is useless."  -Antonin Artaud

erawtech at leland.stanford.edu (R. Aaron Warnock)

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