Chronic Urticaria

Stagehand stagehand at aol.com
Sun Mar 31 15:15:25 EST 1996

Hello All

I am suffering from chronic urticaria.
Under times of stress and high ambient temperature,
I get hives on my scalp and hands.
They start out small and itchy and then get bigger and burny usually they
last for a 6-10 hours and then go away.
I have tried many medicines for this including,Sporanox,
Flagil, Nutriobiotic,Vitamin C ,Zinc piccolinate, Valium, &several
histamines.   Topical treatments have no effect.
The only medicine that helps is large(60mg.)doses of prednisone
and all the prednisone does is to help alleviate the symptoms a bit
I have undergone numerous Blood , stool, and allergie tests
All were negative for everything, including parasites.
I have eliminated all substances that seem to worsen the condition;
coffee, caffeine, sugar, alchohol, beer
Right now, my Dr. has me on 60mg. of prednisone a day and the symptoms
still keep ocurring
This condition has been going on for several years
i get bad outbreaks for a month or so and then the disease just goes away
for months or years at a time.
 During the outbreaks i try to keep the ambient temperature low and not
get stressed
however, once the hives appear nothing i do will make them go away until
they are ready to go away.

we cannot trace this to any enviromental or chemical cause.

I am a 29 year old male with no history of any major diseases
except this one which is driving me mad and affecting my life and my work.
I am told that, many times, the cause of this condition is not ever found.

this is an open request for any help or information anyone can give me 
thank you in advance

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