MLR reaction

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Thu May 2 23:48:37 EST 1996

In article <4m7ssn$5vg at>, "Neilx." <mabbott at> wrote:

> Hi Netters,
> I have a question,
> In an MLR reaction, will responding lymphocytes, from mutant knock-out mice
> lacking a 
> particular cell surface molecule, proliferate in response to stimulation
> by the corresponding wild-type cells?
> (Both cell populations bear the same H-2 type).
> Many thanx in advance
> Neil Mabbott
> Edinburgh
> email neil.mabbott at

If they are H-2, Mls etc identical it would presumeably need the
equivalent of a minor H difference to get any response at all. Would
depend on what your KO'ed molecule is. 

Presuming here that some peptides from your knocked out molecule find
their way into H-2 molecules?  

And you don't expect to see minor H in a conventional MLR (anti-class II
and mainly on DC's) - seems unlikely but there's probably literature on
it. Maybe need a second round of stimulation, cytotoxicity rather than
prolif (as per H-Y). Have you tried skin grafting?


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