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George A. Heavner <gheavner at> wrote:
>I am interested in scanning several protein sequences to determine if they 
>contain known peptide motifs recognized by different HLA molecules.  Can 
>anyone tell me if there are programs available that can do this and is there a 
>database of identified peptide motifs?  PC-based programs are preferred but 
>I have Mac or Unix machines as well.
>I appreciate any assistance that you can provide.
>George A. Heavner

I believe that Intelligenetics and GCG both have programs that can do pattern
searches in sequences.  We use the GCG program in the lab, but it is part of 
a much bigger analysis program loaded on the departmental server (UNIX-

If you want a database of peptides and motifs, check out the WEHI gopher 
site.  If you have Web access, you can go to:


Otherwise, you should be able to simply gopher to and maneuver
through the menus.

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