Relief for Allergies, Asthma and better living with oxidation and Negative Ions

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I am interested to know more about the air purifier you speak of. 
Can you tell me where can I purchase one and how much they cost?


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>         Air Purification with Radio Wave Ionization works is a way similar
> to the way nature cleans the atmosphere. The air indoors have less ozone
> than the outside, so the common method to purify the air in your home is
> to usually open the windows etc. But imagine if you could truly purify
> your home by means of disinfection, oxidation and particle removal, that's
> where the system comes in. These purifieres work with negative ions and
> activated oxygen, this definitely does not harm the environment, in fact
> it reduces the polllutants indoors, which by the way the number one form
> of pullution that we go through everyday . Here's how the system works.
> Ozone is a natural disinfectant which kill bacteria, mold, yeast and
> fungi. The outdoor ozone levels of .02 to .05 parts per million keep
> outdoor air healthy and pure. That ourdoor effect can be reproduced
> indoors with this unit. Ozone interacts with moisture and makes small
> amounts of Hydrogen Peroxide, also a disinfectant!. Also, ozone is natures
> best oxidizer. I usually do a lot of asian cooking and most of the time
> this results in scents and odors thorugh the living area and kitchen. When
> I got my unit, this was one of the first things i noticed was that the air
> felt cleaner and fresher. 
>         As for removing particles in the air, this is where ionization
> comes in. The process involves energy pulses emitted from within each
> purifier unit. Millions of ions, positive and negative are created and the
> effect is farther reaching than other ionization technologies. Ions start
> as stable moleclues within airspace. As radio waves zoom away from the
> antenna, some of the molecules get charged as the power wave passes. These
> newly charged ions have a magnetic-like attraction to nearby pollutants.
> The link-up's happen quickly but more ions are always being made. Molecule
> particles grow heavier and heavier until they settle to the floor. I must
> admit when I got my unit a short while ago, I was skeptical, I got to try
> a 3 day no obligation demo just to see how it works. It didn't need three
> days! I turned the ionization up to full a couple hours before i slept and
> it was one of the best nights i've ever had. The air in my home never felt
> cleaner, after installing a unit, i did one clean up job and after than i
> noticed there were less and less dusting needed to be done. It was
> wonderful.    
>         I used to have air filters but that ner cleaned the air like this
> did. I never have to change anything at all, just clean the lint screen
> maybe one a month and that's it. I put it my living and it works for the
> entire house. I was so sold on it I let a friend with serious asthma
> problems try it, it indeed helped him breath a lot better while cleaning
> and freshening up the air.  I personally believe there is nothing else
> that works as well as this. I have always advocated alternative methods to
> drugs and medication and this is real. 
>          If you'd like to talk more about it, don't hesitate to call me at
> home in the evenings.
> Sincerely,
> Kevin Chan
> 813 Oak Street #10A-248
> Conway AR 72032
> (501)513-1888
> 813 Oak Street #10A-248
> Conway AR 72032
> (501) 513-1888

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