Alexei Kretov ifepieur at
Tue May 14 03:55:55 EST 1996

To the attention of executives of the firms which develop new
medicine, treating and cosmetic ointments and creams, dermatologists,
oncologists, proctologists, urologists.

We have developed a new cream, using which, you can achieve painless
recovery without arising scars on the skin, from some types of virus
(all forms of warts, condyloma acuminata, molluscum contagiosum,
epidermodisplasia verruciformis Levandovsky-Lutz, acroceratosis
verruciformis Hopf, keratoacanthoma), virus skin and mucous membranes
diseases of cats and dogs, pre-cancer (Bowen disease, erythroplasia
Queyrat, cheilitis Manganotti) and cancer skin diseases (epithelioma
basocellulare, epithelioma pagetoides, epithelioma spinocellulare).

We invite you to mutually profitable collaboration which would be
based on an enjoying equal rights business partnership.

Forms of collaboration:
n Organization of the firm for a industrial production of the
n Joint treatment of the sicks.

Doctors:		V.V. Ivanov and Egorov                                    
		apt. 50, house 4/6, Novo-Basmannaya st.,               
		Moscow, 107078,  Russia                          
		Phone: (095) 262-15-90                           
		FAX:   (095) 261-3273 (with annotation "For Mr. Kretov")

International Finance and Economic Partnership Institute
(Moscow division)

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