tetanus immunization value?

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Andre Burnens wrote:
> Tetanus immunization is achieved with tetanus toxoid (inactivated toxin)
> and NOT with attenuated bacteria. The vaccine is thus extremely safe and
> has little side effects. The toxoid is so highly immunogenic that it is
> even used as an adjuvant/carrier for other vaccines (like e.g. some H.
> influenzae type b capsular polysaccharide vaccines). Tetanus is a
> devastating disease, thus, even if it is rare in industrialized countries
> complete immunization is highly recommended and booster doses should be
> administerd during management of wounds. In developing countries neonatal
> tetanus is claiming the lives of many newborns, and WHO is therefore
> actively promoting vaccination efforts in disadvantaged regions. For a
> reference have a look at any textbook (Control of Communicable Diseases
> in Man by A.S.Benenson, 15th Ed. 1990 is very concise) or refer to the
> regularly updated ACIP recommendations on immunizations published by the
> CDC, Atlanta (MMWR series; or check www.cdc.gov).
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