Antibody to ACE

Anne Exton Stone aes2 at
Tue May 21 11:59:45 EST 1996

On 21 May 1996, Julian F Dye wrote:

> Does anyone know of a source of antibody to angiotensin converting enzyme 
> (ACE) suitable for probing human endothelial cell cultures?

> Julian Dye
> Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
> Imperial College School of Medicine


	Try either Affinity BioReagents or Vector Labs.

Vector Labs. 30 Ingold Road., Burlingame, CA, 94010 USA (800)227-6666 cat 
#MA3-002 (host is mouse)

Affinity BioReagents PO Box 240, Neshanic Station, NJ, 08853, USA (800) 
527-4535 cat. # ACE-250g (isotype IgG, host is mouse) and cat. # ACE-260m 
(isotype IgM, host is mouse

Hope this helps


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