CLOSTRIDIUM BOTULINUM - starting to get "scary"

Sat May 25 09:30:36 EST 1996

In article <31A6F345.35A8 at> Kathrine Wilson <wilson at> writes:
>Hi its me again. Growing some spores for my research. Growing in
>cooked meat medium mixed with blood agar at 37C at anerobic conditions
>on standard agar plates. Unfortunately I am having trouble 
>distinguishing the toxin produced. I am using pure spores and have 
>developed both white dots and brown/black ones. I anyone knows what 
>colour they should be, it would help.
>wilson at

This is really starting to get "scary".  From the description of your post, 
you present to me that you really don't yet know what you are doing, yet 
you are "playing around with Cl. botulinum and trying to make bot toxin!!"  
I'm sorry if this is strongly worded but I would not want to be on the lab 
bench next to someone playing around with Cl. botulinum unless they knew 
exactly what they were doing.  I would recommend that you please collaborate 
with someone in your institution who has an appreciation for the dangers 
involved and can help you get guidance on what you are doing.  For instance, 
have you contacted (by phone, Email, FAX, whatever) someone else in the field 
who actually does research with Cl. botulinum (obtained from research 
literature) on these aspects?  Are you yet immunized against bot toxin? Have 
you checked with safety officers at your institution to make sure you have 
followed expected procedures in working with such toxic agents?  Although 
the internet is a wonderful tool in obtaining informative help, why rely on 
responses from the internet which may/may not be accurate or safe.  I hope you 
take these comments constructively as I (and other colleagues who have 
responded to your original post) only have your safety in mind.
Regards, Peter Muriana
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