Chicken IgG from Egg White, Info please?

Jeffrey Smoot jsmoot at
Wed May 29 10:47:14 EST 1996

Perhaps this will help.

Larry Winger wrote:
> Hi, just a wee quick posting, am looking for simple info on (probably)
> ammonium sulphate precipitation of chicken gamma globulin from egg white
> -- ie initial preparation of the egg white -- should I dialyse against PBS
> perhaps, or what is the initial approach involved to deal with the gungy
> goo?.
> Any quick comments back would be most appreciated; 

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TI   Development and comparison of purification strategies for chicken
     antibodies from egg yolk

AU   Svendsen, Lise; Crowley, Annette; Oestergaard, Lars H.; Stodulski,
     George; Hau, Jann

CS   Royal Veterinary College, University of London, London, NW1 OTU, UK

SO   Lab. Anim. Sci. (1995), 45(1), 89-93

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