lymphocult t

raghavanpillai raju raju at
Wed May 29 21:12:30 EST 1996

vgulati at wrote:
: Hi,

: I am a PhD student at St. Mary's Hospital and am trying to make 
: Tcell lines for my project on hepatitis. I have references which 
: say that adding lymphocult T to my lines can be helpful (as a 
: nonspecific stimulant) I havnt been able to find a UK supplier of 
: this product. 

You may contact Biotest Diagnostic, Dreieich, Germany. There should be
some supplier in UK. Couple of years ago i successfully used this to 
develop several T cell lines. If not this, you may try using recombinant IL-2 
at final concentration of 10U/ml.


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