Flu Shots

Andrew Fell andrewF at qimr.edu.au
Thu May 30 18:52:22 EST 1996

Influenza and colds are different things.  Colds are mild infections caused
 by a very large number of viruses and therefore difficult to vaccinate against
Flu is caused by influenza viruses and you can vaccinate against them, but the
 vaccines are protective
against speciofic strains only and therefore have to be reformulated every year
according to which strians are present in that year.
Finally you should not confudse vaccines which are protective measures with 
therapeutics which treat diseases.  
Still, as we know from reading this list, vaccines are just a conpiracy by drug 
companies, the CIA, MI5, alien visitors and OJ Simpson to weaken the immune 
systems of american children. 

Andrew Fell
who works at the QIMR in Brisbane
which does not necessarily endorse anything he says.

THIs VI editor majkes me look like a semiliterate.

Terry Burton (telljb at ozemail.com.au) wrote:
: Hello
: Could somebody give me some information on the much talked
: about Influenza immunization injections.

: If there is no cure for the common cold, how in the blazes
: does a "Flu Shot" prevent picking up an Influenza virus.

: What are the pro's and con's of this procedure.?
: Cheers

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:   Tell              
:   Alice Springs NT    

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