Rhesus-antibody in rhesus-plus pregnant woman?

Mauricio Esguerra 100650.2017 at compuseve.com
Fri Nov 1 14:56:48 EST 1996

Dear immunlogists,

the doctor called yesterday to tell us that the antiboy E was found 
during the blood test of my pregnant woman (13. week). He is very puzzled 
since she is O+ and wants to repeat the test, since this can have seriou 
consequences to the bayb. We already have a kid, but lost "misteriously" 
the second half a year ago on the 7th. month. Is the presence of this 
antibody at all possible and could this be the explanation for the former 
loss? I would extremely appreciate your help on any information, although 
I am not a physician.

Worried father
100650.2017 at compuserve.com

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