B-cell activation

Hiroshi Miyazaki hiroshim at ALPHA.MED.NAGASAKI-U.AC.JP
Fri Nov 1 10:11:03 EST 1996

Hi fellows. Could you help me?
I'm trying to activate B-cell by crosslinking of surface IgM.
So far,I got an information that it will achieved efficientry
by using F(ab')2 fragments of anti-IgM coupled with sepharose-
beads. Is it possible to get same intensity of stimulation signal
into B-cell by using F(ab')2 fragments fixed on the dish?
Unfortunately,I'm a beginner in this field. I will really appreciate
if I could get this answer.
HIroshi Miyazaki 
Department of Oncology
Nagasaki University. School of Medicine.

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