Interlukin-2 with Triple Combination

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>I have been on triple combination since mid April 1996. The combination is
>Crixivan, d4t, and 3tc. My viral load dropped from 55,000 to below
>detection, and my T-cells increase from 160 to 280. My doctor is
>recommending that I start subcutaneous shots of interleukin-2 for five days
>every eight weeks. I have review AIDS information off the net, but there is
>not much on triple combination with IL-2. Does anybody have any information
>about this treatment?

NEJM reports results from a new study on IL-2 (I don't know which 
combo was used though). The significant point about this new data
is that they're now actually seeing some evidence of clinical 
advantage with these new cells. The number of endpoints is
small since this was a relatively healthy group of people in this
study but there's definitely some encouragement here. More 
info on IL-2 can be found at:


Drug May Lift T-Cells, a Key in AIDS Battle 

Wall Street Journal (10/31/96) P. B1; Waldholz, Michael 

A team of government researchers may have discovered a way to boost 
levels of the immune system's T-cells to help the body fight off HIV 
infection. Studies at the National Institutes of Health, published in 
today's issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, show that a 
genetically engineered version of interleukin-2, or IL-2, can boost a 
patient's T-cell count by two to five times when used with drug 
therapy. IL-2, which is marketed by Chiron of Emeryville, Calif., 
under the brand name Proleukin, is a human protein that has been 
studied since 1983 as a potential treatment for AIDS and cancer. While

more research is needed on the long-term use of the therapy, AIDS
experts and activists are enthusiastic and hopeful. 

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