Help with HIV elisa

Bryan Kiehl b3748 at cts.com
Thu Nov 7 11:44:21 EST 1996

We do not make this product, but I suspect your problem may be the
detergent. If needed, you will need to be sure the detergent effect is
diluted out so that protein can bind. I recommend that you find a p41
recombinant protein. This should be satisfactory for research work. I
am sure if the material is sold.

HIV-2 is patented, so there may be some difficuty obtaining this
material, but HIV-2 p41 has significant cross-reactivity.

You may need to try either PBS or carbonate buffer, but either will
probably work. I also suggest that you block the plate with some
protein (e.g., BSA).

You should also note that the drying time and conditions may affect
results. Try to assure that your procedures (processes) are

Good Luck
On 6 Nov 1996 15:50:53 GMT, henryshw at aol.com wrote:

>Need suggestion and helpful hints in setting up HIV elisa to detect anti
>HIV antibody.  Detergent solubilised whole viral lysate had been used for
>adsorption onto elisa plate, but results had not been consistant possibly
>due to inefficient binding of the lyate. Some synthetic peptide had been
>tried with no better results.

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