ELISA and fibronectin

pena at post.uv.es pena at post.uv.es
Thu Nov 7 07:02:56 EST 1996

 Hi to everybody:
 Right now I'm trying to detect and quantitate fibronectin ammounts in
human saliva. To do that I'm performing ELISA assays by using a monoclonal-Ab.
 Serial dilutions of commercial fibronectin give expected serial absorbance
values. Nevertheless, serial dilutions of saliva from differents individuals
give random absorbance values without any serial relationship, but higher 
enough to consider the Ab is recognizing the protein. Different experimental
conditions have been tested with the same results!.
 Could anybody help with any suggestion about that? reference? 
 Any idea or comment will be welcome to my e-mail box.

               Thanx in advance and hasta la vista ;-D


   Marcos de la Pena del Rivero.
   e-mail; pena at uv.es                        
   Departamento de Genetica.             
   Facultad de Ciencias Biologicas.
   C\ Dr. Moliner, 50                                      
   Universidad de Valencia.
   Burjassot. Valencia. 46100.

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