Oleg S. Vasilyev mathmed at BSD.ROPNET.RU
Thu Nov 7 18:26:41 EST 1996

My name is Oleg . 

   My scientific work deals with the analysis and mathematical modeling
of complex (difficult) heterogeneous processes in immunology, namely,
analysis histograms (flow cytometry) ecspression of molecules of
activation on a membrane T-cell. So it is known, that histograms HLA-DR
on CD4 + have very high dispersion, that reflects large heterogeneity of
processes of activation and functional condition immunnological system
of the person. Such histograms bear (carry) large immunological 
information, how to estimate,  at the moment it is not known. 
    At the moment we can not lead (carry out) a line of experiments (on
flow cytometry) by virtue of finensical  difficulties. It is possible,
that your experimental date will very help to us.
  We (our laboratory)  are very glad to an opportunity of joint work
with you.
   Yours faithfully,
   Oleg S. Vasilyev,

   RUSSIA, MOSCOW, mathmed at ropnet.ru.

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