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zjmd2498 zjmd2498 at pub.zhanjiang.gd.cn
Sun Nov 10 10:01:10 EST 1996

                            Affiliated Hospital
                              Guangdong Medical College
                                Zhanjiang 524001

                                      Nov. 9, 1996

Dear Sir/Madam:

     I am an young researcher of immune diseases with master

     I wish to study  or work in the country  using Einglish 
language  for one  or two years  in  order  to  improving my 
Einglish, especially  oral  English. I could do  any kind of 
chemical, biological and  immunological laboratory works. If
some laboratory  needs  a  researcher, technician or worker, 
I'd really appreciate to be  accepted. I have taken the PCR,
immunoblotting,    immunopathologic    and    immunogenetic 
experiments successfuly  for  the past eight years.  My work 
was of superior quality and I have always been a selfstarter.

     I look forward to  receiving  your reply  and then I'll 
submit my resume to you.

                                       Yours sincerely,

                                        Jianhong Deng

                          Email:zjmd2498 at pub.zhanjiang.gd.cn

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