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Mon Nov 11 08:18:10 EST 1996

Hello my name is Irma Ochoa							
I am allergic to cold weather, whenever I am exposed to the cold
too much, my face and hands will swell up. My face especially will
turn really red and my eyes will almost close up. When I go inside
to warm up my body starts to get real hot and my face and hands 
will start to hurt. This also happens when the a/c is hitting me
directly, when I eat icecream my lips will swell up and my tonsils
will also get swollen. When I wash my hands with cool water and I
don't dry them fast enough they will swell up. If I hold something
in my hands that is cold it will cause my hands to get swollen.
If I am out in the cold for too long I will passout. Please under-
stand that this not an allergy to winter clothes, I live in Browns-
ville, Texas and it doesn't get cold often enough for me to buy 
wool clothing.
Please let me know if anyone has any information on this subject.

Thank you.

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