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> I read somewhere that using formaldhyde in fixing tissues will
> cross-link tissues in the sections. This may cause a problem in receptor
> detection. Is this true? I am looking for the formula for Bouin-Hollande
> 10% sublimate ( P. Brandtzaeg: Tissue preparation methods for
> immunocytochemistry IN "Techniques in Immunocytochemistry Vol 1, edited
> by G.R. Bullock and P. Petrusz, 1982"- I don't have this volume)
> Please send formula to : apang at

I some experiences in immunochemistry, and tissues fixation, so
commercialy formaldhyde is not the best fixative existed. And
Bouin-Hollande is really bad, and if you can avoid to use it !
So paraformaldehyde fixative is is the most widely used fixative, either
with or without the addition of glutaraldehyde.
The paraformaldehyde concentration is between 1 to 4%, and high
glutaraldahyde concentration (>0,5%) increased structural preservation,
but also decreased the signal.
So try both fixatives alone or mixed and goog luck

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