Allergies/IgE Question

paladinc at aol.com paladinc at aol.com
Tue Nov 12 22:52:16 EST 1996

I'm doing a paper on type I hypersensitivity reactions and am looking for
answers to a few questions that have popped up.  Any help is greatly
Answer here or to PaladinC at aol.com.

What is the general cause of daily allergies?
Is it a continual degranulation due to continual Ag/Ig stimulation of mast
When does Ag leave the body?
If Ag doesn't leave body, do circulating IgE conglomerates continue the
Are the allergies caused by over-production of IgE?  Mast cells?
Is it a genetic defect in mast cells that makes  degranulation easier?  A
Ca2+ oversensitivity?


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