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>Does anyone have information on reseach done connecting Parkinsons
>Disease to persons having been subjected to heavy doses of pesticides
>over prolonged period of time?

Parkinson's is a specific degenerative neurological disease which appears
to be largely a genetically-influenced illness affecting the substantia
nigra and possibly diffusely throughout other brain structures.  The
clinical symptoms of Parkinson's (e.g., resting tremor, cogwheeling,
bradykinesia, postural changes, etc) can be mimiced by other conditions
such as progressive supranuclear palsy, olivopontocerebellar degeneration,
etc.  I would imagine that any substance with neurotoxic potential could
produce such symptoms but would not induce true Parkinson's.  The
"pseudo-Parkinson's" syndrome associated with neuroleptic medications
would be one example.  I would not be surprised to learn of similar
effects from other chemical substances such as pesticides.

I'd recommend a Web or WAIS search for sites related to keywords such as
neurotoxins, Parkinson's, movement disorders, etc.

Good luck!


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