DR JERRY CHANDLER jlrchand at erols.com
Sun Nov 17 20:21:48 EST 1996

If my memory serves me correctly, two chemical agents - paraquat and
diquat - may be of interest to you.  Perhaps this effect was discovered
among illicit drug users who inhaled significant quantities of these
agents.  Discovery of these agents started a flood of research on the
mechanism of action and the disease - genesis processes.
I would assume that any recent toxicology text or Toxline would provide
further information.  
If further help is urgently needed, you can call me at the number given

Jerry LR Chandler, Ph.D
US Public Health Service
837 Canal Drive
McLean, VA 22102

On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, WB wrote:

> Does anyone have information on reseach done connecting Parkinsons
> Disease to persons having been subjected to heavy doses of pesticides
> over prolonged period of time?
> Such research is in existence -
> Any ideas where to direct this inquiry, what group, what university?
> A good friend of mine got stricken suddenly, totally healthy till then..
> Suspect: living in an apartment building which was being fumigated on a
> continuing basis for two months. Tests were performed on his clothing,
> air filters etc., showing heavy deposits of the chemical compounds used
> (which were isolated and are known to have detrimental effects on the
> neurological system).
> The man needs help - any directions would be very, very much
> appreciated.
> werner42 at icanect.net

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